Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dentek comfort clean floss picks

what makes dentek flossers different than most other flossers?

my favorite reason- they DO NOT test on animals!

besides that, dentek comfort clean floss picks are especially designed for tight teeth & sensitive gums, which I personally have both. so my experience with them was positively great as they definantly back up their word! furthermore, they are also used as a tongue scraper to remove all those "germs that cause bad breath" and the pick is actually textured to "remove plaque & fight gingivitis" as quoted on the package itself.

when i first used these I didn't realize the pick had so many uses. you get to get that food out from between your teeth, floss, clean your tongue with one end & remove plaque on the other end! talk about coming in handy! their floss picks are also shred resistant, which I totally can belief having had first hand experience with them. even better yet, they are coated with fluorid.

dentek comfort clean floss picks are generally sold for around $3.29 & can be purchased from their website @, walmart, target, walgreens, cvs, rite aide, kmart, longs drugs, kroger, safeway & publix retailers among others. dentek website offers coupons and other nifty products so go ahead & check it out today!