Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eco store usa review

Eco Store USA provides actual eco-friendly, plant based products. 

          When they say they're green, they mean it, unlike a lot of other so-called product claims. There is absolutely no nasty chemicals in any of their products, including toxic petrochemicals, lauryl, laureth sulphates, propylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, parabens, dyes or synthetic perfumes.Scary enough, parabens have been linked to breast cancer, glycols (orgganic solvents) are passed from mother to fetus & affect the nervous system, and sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent found in the majority of bubble baths, shampoos and shower gels) is known to cause skin and eye irritation. What's so scary about it is we use products that contain these chemicals everyday and don't even realize it!

Below is an excerpt from the "What is green?" article located of their website! While there, you will find many other articles to read as well.

          "So what should the conscientious parent consider when looking for products that can legitimately be called “green”? Some catchphrases to beware of include “naturally derived,” “from nature,” and “botanically inspired.” While they sound attractive, they don’t indicate truly eco-friendly products. Even the word “organic” does not always certify that the majority of ingredients are organic, or have not been simply manufactured from organic compounds. Many harmful chemicals found in mainstream products are derived from natural ingredients, but manipulated in labs to form compounds far from safe or natural.When searching for the real deal be certain your household products indicate they are “90%-100% organic,” “non-toxic,” and indicate that all ingredients are listed. And avoid common harmful chemicals."

Read this-> "Toxic inert substances can make up more than half of a product but not even be listed as an active ingredient."

And this->  "Liquid ammonia from convenient spray cleaners like Windex quickly evaporates during use, and continually seeps from closed containers, polluting the air inside your home. According to published research, toxins from petrochemical cleaning agents are stored in our fatty tissue, accumulating in the body over years of exposure. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that, “of chemicals commonly found in the home 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities.”"

Were you aware that while washing dishes, our pores open and toxins from the soap leaks into our skin? 

           That's were Eco Store steps in! For instance, take their eco-friendly dish washing liquid they sell for only $5.50! They carry many products that are, in all actuality, the safest way around certain situations such as that. Such products include baby care, bath & body, household cleaning, and even pet care! Each and every ingredient is listed on each product, and products are ultra concentrated to make them go a long way for your money. Furthermore, they do not test on animals! So tell me why you wouldn't shop here (

          I was lucky enough to receive the  Coconut & Vanilla body wash, as well as the Vanilla bar soap. I fell in love with the body wash the most and can hardly believe all that goodness comes from a plant! There's just something about showering, while knowing, what your using is all natural and chemical free. The bar soap was awesome too, but it doesn't come close to my homemade Dragonfly Soaps. Overall I would rate Eco Store USA's products with 5 stars!

I truly love green product companies, and this truly is one!

"Please note, everything in quotation marks are excerpts taken off Eco Store USA's website! I also received a complimentary sample in order for my time and to write the review!"


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