Thursday, October 14, 2010

and another review

10/14 Review Preview
Yes, Csn Stores has asked me to work with them yet again! Did I ever mention how much I love them? LOL, seriously. In this review preview, I would like you to take note on just how noteworthy every bar stool they carry is. Being the #1 barstool site out there, they claim to have the "Best Selection. Best Prices. Shop Easy"! There are 1,000's of styles to choose from designer brands, and includes all types of bar furniture to browse.  I will provide pictures of a few of my personal favorites within this review. When I go to redecorate my bar area, you best believe it will be done through Csn Stores!

Csn Stores continue to outdo themselves and back up their reputation! With over 200 stores to choose items from, they carry everything from your average box of kleenex to shoes to pet supplies, etc etc. Most items they sell come along with free shipping, and speaking of shipping, they ship worldwide! They also provide "hassle free returns", how nice is that? Furthermore, they maintain numerous contests at all times with prizes totaling over $50,000! If you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend you do.

10/28 Current Review
For this review in particular, I decided to incorporate my dog's personal welfare into this... I choose one of their many, many quality pet beds! My winning pick was the "Everest Pet Four Season Pet Bed with Cashmere Berber Top in Blue" SKU# LNA1051, as pictured at the bottom of this post. Right now it's on sale for $44.95 with free shipping included, originally selling at $55.99. WHEN I PURCHASED IT, it was on sale for $35 with free shipping! CSN is constantly running sales and frequently updated them. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and you will eventually see the price you like!

Of course and as usual, the bed arrived pretty fast. Furthermore, it came well packaged. Besides the fact that I got it at an unbelievable price, my dog loves it! We placed it in her cage and now you should see her, she goes in her cage just to lay on it! Unfortunately she has this "chewy-chewy" issue and chewed off the zipper, but other than that, it should last us quite a while. The zipper was in place to allow you to remove the insides so you could wash the outside, but hey, who needs it anyway (just kidding =). 

Csn Stores never ceases to amaze me! They truly are a pleasant company to work with and buy from. I never have to worry about when I'll get my products or how they'll turn out. They honor their prices and returns, and have excellent customer service to top it off. Give them a try, it's worth every penny!

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