Wednesday, July 13, 2011

monave loose mineral foundations review & LOTSA pictures!

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monave goes beyond the conventional skin care & cosmetic's shops online. it's not only about the grade A, skin-friendly product's being sold, but also connecting & conversing with you to make life a little easier! get the scoop on designing your own makeup from scratch to application guides & tutorials regarding how to put it on! you'll find a wealth of information on the tips & tricks of the trade (& it doesn't cost a penny)... check out the "MAKE UP STUDIO"!

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sample pot $2.50 full size $19.50 full size plus refill pot $29.50 


I usually don't buy "foundation" for (2) reasons:

A) it makes my skin break out & B) most importantly, I can never find the right shade! yes, that has been my luck for the last 25 years. what about you?

when I came across monave makeup, I had such a pleasant experience with the eyeliner & versatile mineral powder, that I just HAD to try out the foundation! the versatile powder was a translucent lavender pearl that would have been the perfect coverage if it were meant to be, if only it didn't have the shine that came with it & it wasn't intended for eyes verses face- oops, my bad.

so I tried a few loose monave mineral foundations & I can safely say that they DON'T make my skin break out & they DO have complete sunscreen skin care embodied within the formulas! they're actually GOOD for your skin! cool, huh?

being my skin color is always changing due to crazy climates here in Michigan, I was able to mix & match numerous foundations to come out with completely different shades for whichever day called for what. that means your not just stuck with what's in front of you- you can come up with other colors! even cooler, huh?

& the monave vegan mini bronzer brush just made it glide on & "stay on" that much easier! compared to my regular bristles, the super soft synthetic wisps applied the makeup beautifully. what more could I possibly ask for?!

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