Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SnackAisle foods pictured, from left to right. White Mountain Kettle Corn, Stacy's Pita Chips Italian Harvest, Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Bhuja Original Mix, Pretzel Crisps Cinnamon Toast, WINETIME Chocolate Raspberry Bar.

Representing all natural, trans-fat free foods without artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives. THAT's SnackAisle.

Everything that arrived in my SnackAisle parcel clearly represented the above statement. As highlighted in the 1st picture, each snack had the words "healthy," "natural," or "whole grains" incorporated somewhere on it's packaging.

THE POSITIVE REVIEW. SnackAisle sells a wide selection of only natural & healthy based, taste-worthy snacks. Buying online is less time consuming than searching relentlessly for & singling out these particular items in person, at the store. In a sense, they take the "work" out of the search. 

THE NEUTRAL REVIEW. While SnackAisle offers food you can't always find in conventional stores, they also offer food you can, just as easily, find in stores. Prices are reasonable, but you have to account for shipping costs.

THE NEGATIVE REVIEW. SnackAisle is not convenient for the spontaneous or impulsive type that shops on a hunger binge.


"Slightly Sweet, Slightly Salty, incredibly delicious and addictive Kettle Corn from White Mountain. All natural and Gluten Free" White Mountain Kettle Corn [Popcorn]
buy 1oz for $1.29 or buy 7.5oz for $3.99 or buy (x32 1oz) for $32.99

"Italian Harvest Pita Chips from Stacy's is real herbs & red peppers folded into the pita dough, then twice baked for an exceptional crunch" Stacy's Pita Chips 'Italian Harvest'
buy 7.3oz for $2.99 or buy (x24 1.5oz) for $20.99 or buy (x12 8oz) for $32.99

"Perfectly roasted, gluten free, green soybeans seasoned lightly with sea salt from Seapoint Farms" Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edmama 'Lightly Salted'
buy 4oz for $1.99 or buy x12 for $20.99

"Bhuja Original is an All Natural mix of crunchy garden Green Peas, peanuts, and multigrain noodles & chips, tossed with a savory and spicy blend of aromatic spices. Gluten Free" Bhuja 'Original' Mix
buy 7oz for $4.99 or buy x6 for $25.99

"Rethink your pretzel with Cinnamon Toast flavor in the Modern Classics line of Pretzel Crisps. Cinnamon & Cane Sugar give these savory pretzel thins just the right amount of sweetness & warmth. Baked & only 110 calories per serving" Pretzel Crisps 'Cinnamon Toast'
buy 6oz for $3.49 or buy (x24 2oz) for $27.99 or buy (x12 6oz) for $37.99

"WINETIME Chocolate Raspberry Bar combines delicious chocolate & raspberry with Resveratrol, a powerful anti-aging compound found in red wine, with 7 super fruits that include pomegranate, acai, and goji, for a truly healthy indulgence. High in fiber, dairy and gluten free, plus vegan!" WINETIME Chocolate Raspberry Bar
buy 1.76oz for $2.99 or x10 for $28.99

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  1. I like this site. It has so many snacks to choose from. It uses fedex for shipping and 6.95 for 20.00 of stuff. I was amazed on what it carried.So many great items to choose from. Rita Spratlen

  2. I want to try the Chipotle Cheddar Pretzels :)



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