Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Stratford Apothecary Homemade Cucumber Apple Mask Review

free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, glycols, synthetic colours. organic, natural, botanically active, effective, multi-grain skin care. cruelty free, no animal ingredients or testing. environmental friendly.

"This gentle cleansing facial mask comes in a100ml/3.4 fl oz Jar. Due to its gentle nature, our deeply enriching mineral mask can be used once or twice weekly; drawing out deep-down dirt and impurities. Rice bran, cucumber, apple, organic olive oil and cocoa butter are integral ingredients for this terrific detoxifying treatment. Boxed, suitable for gift giving. Makes a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time."


don't be fooled by the small pictures & short descriptions you see at the stratford apothecary. like my last review with the company, I scored big! this homemade cucumber, apple & rice bran facial mask is something you'd normally come across on an exquisite, all natural & organic skin care site for over $25, yet here at the stratford apothecary, it's only $8.47! with a subtle smell of apples, it's extremely gentle on the face, allowing the skin to breath while it dries. putting it on is a pleasure. although I can't say it clears up my acne, it certainly doesn't cause it. if anything I'm delivering nutrients much needed to an area that much needs it.

for more steals & deals, I recommend checking out the stratford apothecary's special's section.


  1. I love facial mask! I really love the pull off mask where you can see what it's getting out of/off your skin.
    I must say this one sure sounds like it would smell Yummy and the price is nice!
    Great Review Hyp.. Thank You!

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