Wednesday, November 3, 2010

go girl review

"Made for woman's convenience!"

They finally made a portable piss device for women! This thing is unbelievable. It comes stored in a tube (and includes toilet paper) that fits in your purse, pocket and glove department, among other places. Go Girl is convenient, portable and discreet being perfect for travel, sports, an alternative to public restrooms, and for those medically unable to "squat". Ever been on a road trip and couldn't find a restroom stop? Camping? Hiking? Fishing? Or how about this idea- using a porta-potty or public restroom that makes you cringe when thinking about all that piss splashing back up and hitting you... Go Girl is here for the rescue!

What is a Go Girl? No no ladies, "Go Girl'"s are not the tube you see pictured. They are actually stored INSIDE the tube, and made of medical grade silicone designed for a "mess free" experience. In other words, you pull them out of the tube and they take form right before your eyes! It's flexible, compact, shapes to any body type, and dries quickly. You can dispose of it or clean it to re-use it. Just soap it up a little, roll it and slide it back into the tube! I personally have my Go Girl's packed in my car and ready because you never know when you'll need one!

Go Girl has been featured in numerous media outlets and plenty of tours. Find out more regarding coverage by clicking here. They are sold at $9.99 per tube, or $26.97 per pack of three. Buy them at your closest retail location, or right over the internet on the Go Girl Website itself.

Don't forget to enter the Go Girl "$500 Lifestyle" Sweepstakes
they hold every quarter! It's incredibly easy to enter and only takes up 30 seconds of your time. Prizes comprise of "mountain bikes, scuba gear, camping equipment, cameras or gift cards you can use every day" as stated off Go Girl. Furthermore, 20 winners are randomly selected monthly to win Go Girl gear!

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"Please note, I received a complimentary sample in order for my time and to write the review!"

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  1. Could have used this camping several times..... will they think of next?


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