Thursday, November 4, 2010

scandle candle review

Scandle Candle is the first-EVER body lotion candle!

Burn for ambiance, aromatherapy, fragrance, body moisturizer, massage lotion, or even for cuticle treatment in manicures and pedicures.

Why choose Scandle Candle?
  • ouch-less
  • burns cooler, therefor slower
  • made up of 100% all natural ingredients, including cosmetic grade soy butter, shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba essential oils
  • does not contain paraffin or beeswax
  • gives skin shimmer
  • hides wrinkles and imperfections by deflecting the light
  • leaves skin hydrated
  • will support 10 full body massages
  • adds aroma and ambiance to any setting
  • hypo-allergenic
  • biodegradable
My Experience with Scandle Candle
          Let's first state the facts. Scandle Candle burns at only 2 degrees above body temperature, therefor making it safe to touch. However, I was still a little hesitant about sticking my finger in the wax while it was still burning. Having been scorched in the past, the feeling of so kept flashing before my eyes as I crept my hand towards the candle. And then I did it...

         I dipped my finger in the wax while praying to God I wasn't being stupid. To my astonishment, it didn't hurt. While I had expected the wax to dry up and turn hard on my finger, it didn't. Instead, it never dried, and I was able to rub it into my hands as if it were a lotion. How crazy as that?! This is the coolest candle since evolution!

         Scandle Candles come in many different scents and are sold at all different prices (which depend on the canister it comes in). For instance, the candle in the ceramic canister is sold @ $22.95, the travel candle in a tin is sold @ $13.95, and the refill candle (that goes in the ceramic canister) is sold @ $12.99. All candle holders may be refilled and used over again. Buy at a retail location near you or right online!

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