Thursday, November 4, 2010

sweetly you products review

specializes in scented bath & body products such as premium lotions, moisturizing sprays, butter creams, foaming bath butters, sugar scrubs, solid perfumes, spray perfumes, dead sea bath salts, and bubble baths! they offer over 50 unique, signature fragrances to choose from, which is a whole lot more than any other companies.

try out the "perfume sampler set" where you're able sample 10 scents of your choice. currently being sold @ $9.95 on sale, this includes free worldwide shipping. that is one hell of a deal!

Information Regarding Sweetly You Products

premium lotions- made up of natural shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba & aloe vera. free of mineral oil & petroleum.

moisturizing sprays- made up of natural avocado oil & aloe vera. free of mineral oil & petroleum.

butter creams- made up of shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, vitamin C & Japanese green tea. nourishes deeply, while adding regenerative & protective properties to softer skin.

foaming bath butters- made up of almond oil, glycerin, jojoba beads and free of SLS or other harsh detergents. provides an ultra-rich foaming action lather that moisturizes rough, dry & flaky skin. leaves skin soft in a way that other body washes cannot compare.

sugar scrubs- made up of soft cane sugar, jojoba beads, avocado, mineral oil & beeswax. this is the only product in the "sweetly you" line that contains mineral oil. having an effective yet gentle exfoliation, it keeps skin smooth & moisturized.

solid perfumes- made up of quality shea butter & bees wax. comes in 1/5 oz lip balm jar and sells for much less than spray perfumes, $3.95 on sale.

spray perfumes- made up of pure essential oils. free of ethanol (found in many other spray perfumes), an element that irritates skin & alters the scent.

dead sea bath salts- 100% natural, unlike products that withhold table or refined salts. harvested from the Southern Shores of the Dead Sea in Israel. known for soothing sensitive & problem skin, detoxifying the body & relaxing the mind.

bubble baths- free of SLS/ SDS & other harsh detergents.

My Experience w/Sweetly You Products

lucky me, I was able to try out the "perfume sampler set" sweetly you sells. it came quipped with 10 small (but decent-sized) tubes of the "aromas" of my choosing (aka perfumes/ scents). i ended up picking black-raspberry vanilla, brown sugar, creamy vanilla, german chocolate cake, raspberry chocolate drizzle, sugar cookie, sweet jasmine vine, very sexy, warm amber embrace & wild bouquet. everything smells exactly how it sounds, literally. 

my favorites ended up being black-raspberry vanilla, sweet jasmine vine, warm amber embrace & wild bouquet. whiffs of everything else made me feel like a mrs. fields type of betty crocker. in general, i would prefer to leave the "baking" scents in the kitchen where they belong. however, just because i didn't care for them doesn't mean you wouldn't. it's like they say, "one man's junk is another man's treasure". well let's apply that to perfumes, it works the same way!

"Please note, I received a complimentary sample in order for my time and to write the review!"


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