Sunday, June 19, 2011

skintactix blogger challenge review & how to sign up yourself

effective, honest, fast, advanced, personalized, natural = skintactix

are you one of those people that have used countless products on your quest to rid yourself of adult acne? I am. did you have hopes & dreams for the biore nose strips to deliver results as promised? I did. are you ready to give up the search? I was... & then I found skintactix.

it seems I've went from the awkward teenage phase to the adult stage of acne. & although it's not as bad nowadays, I have the pitted skin from picking & numerous blackheads to go along with it. even the clearest days for me include a nose full of them suckers!

the travel size bottles arrived labeled 1 & 2 making it easy to distinguish one from another. the blackheads I constantly battle started to disappear relatively quickly, being within a few days! you can probably imagine my surprise & excitement as I've traveled a long road to finally find something so effective. that's why I can officially say the skintactix blackhead/ whitehead kit b1 truly works.

I probably should mention if you plan on purchasing this, it's best to apply it as directed (everyday). this past month I chose to slack off for a week & the blackheads returned as quick as they went. other than that, this tops any other acne treatment I've come across.

thank you skintactix!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have adult acne. I actually think mine might be about the same as it was in highschool. I'm def going to apply for blogger challenge


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